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Apologetics in Action


This course is written for those asking, “How can I practically utilize apologetics: socially, vocationally, and spiritually to make an impact on my generation.”  Students will be empowered to shine the light of truth on the deceptions of secular media, education, and even among social circles. This course will focus more on the etiquette of apologetics than apologetic facts and focuses. Learn HOW to be a relevant and practical apologist.


Upon completion of this course: 

  1. The purpose of this class is too better equip the novice apologist to defend their faith and biblical worldview with the right motive and etiquette.
  2. Students will gain confidence in utilizing the Columbo Tactic.
  3. Students will learn discretion and how to use discernment when engaging apologetic discourse in person or virtually.
  4. Students will be able share the gospel and dismantle false arguments hindering unbelievers from the truth in a logical and loving manner.

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APO 205

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