Systematic Theology 101


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Qtr. 1 – Intro to Systematic Theology This course will teach students how to study what the Bible teaches us today on any given topic. Students will learn to establish clear biblical basis by studying specific topics within scripture and personally applying these topics to their lives. Students will study the doctrine of the Word of God, the doctrine of God, and the doctrine of man.

Qtr. 2 – Who is God? This course gives the student an in depth understanding of the Divine nature and person of God. It gives an overview of each role of the Godhead, and concentrates on the gifts, power, and infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Qtr. 3 – SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY I This course gives students an introduction into biblical doctrine; providing understanding and confirmation through scripture. The material will answer the question: what does the Bible teach us today about the most relevant beliefs humanity has wrestled with for centuries.

Qtr. 4 – SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY II This course goes deeper in its pursuit of truth and knowledge. Students will focus on Christ centered doctrines, fully understanding His redemptive work for us. Not only will this increase our ability to witness to unbelievers, but it will also deepen our appreciation for all Christ did for us.

Qtr. 5 – SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY III By revisiting the foundational teachings of our faith, students will gain sure footing as to what we believe as Christians and why we believe it. Topics will include salvation, redemption, assurance of salvation, what death means for a believer and union with Christ.

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