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Heather Trevino

The book of Daniel brings us to the completeness of the prophecies that Jeremiah had been telling the people of Israel about and now they came to pass. The Israelite’s had been conquered by the Babylon’s. Nebuchadnezzar was in rule and he forbid the Israelite’s to worship God. He wanted them to worship him and the gods of the Babylonians. But there was Daniel and group of others who despite what might happen they would not and did not obey. Daniel knew that no matter what God was still on the throne. God used Daniel and these other men to show that He still had dominion over everything no matter who is in power on this earth. I thought it was so amazing how even in all of this Daniel and the other men did not act proud when they refused but refused with pose and a humble nature. Just as God had always commanded that we treat our enemies. They were able to keep there standards of what they ate without making a issue. Because of that God was able to be glorified in it every time. When they ate only greens they became fat. When Shadrach , Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the fire God showed up on there behalf and the same when Daniel is thrown in with loins.  God also made it very clear to me that no man on this earth can do anything that he can do. It really is like that saying it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors tricks. God is the only one who knows everything about us. Our dreams our desires and our fears. He knows are beginning and our ends because He has seen and been there in it all.  Even our enemies will have to confess with there very own mouth that Christ is Lord. The book of Daniel also showed me that when we make the choice to always obey God in every part of our lives it goes well for us. Gods hand of protection is over us. We should be willing to keep our standards in who we are as followers of Christ even if we die because of it. God is with us no matter what and either way it is a win.

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