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FOUNDATIONS OF EVANGELISM This course provides a Historic timeline of Evangelical movements from the 1ST Century to the present day. It will help the student to understand the principles of Evangelism and how to model these principles in the local and global church.

COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course:

1. Students will understand how to draw the relevant parallels of evangelism between the early church and today.

2. Students will understand the urgency of evangelism increases as we draw closer to the second coming.

3. Students will understand the origins of evangelism and how they advanced over time.

4. Students will understand the heart of God to evangelize to the lost.

5. Students will comprehend the most effective principles of evangelism. 6. Students will understand that evangelism is the source of church and kingdom growth. REQUIRED

Course Curriculum

Qtr 1
Qtr 1: Lesson #1 – Pathways & Obstacles of Evangelism for the Early Church Details 00:00:00
Evangelism 101 Lesson 1 Quiz 7 days
Qtr 1: Lesson 2 – The Message & The Messenger Details 00:00:00
Qtr 1: Lesson #3 – Early Motivations for Evangelism Details 00:00:00
Qtr 1: Lesson #4 – Methods & Strategy of Early Church Evangelism Details 00:00:00
Qtr 1: Lesson #5 – Characteristics of An Awakening/Revival Details 00:00:00
Qtr 1: Lesson #6 – History of Great Awakenings & Revivals Details 00:00:00
Qtr 1: Lesson #7 – Faith & Healing Movement Details 00:00:00
Qtr 1: Lesson #8 – 21st Century Evangelism & the Mega Church Details 00:00:00

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