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Qtr. 1 – FOUNDATIONS OF LEADERSHIP This course gives the student an introduction to the characteristics of Jesus and His leadership. It will equip the student to identify the principles of Servant Leadership and develop the character of Christ in leading and influencing at home, at work, in business, in ministry or any organization where they lead.

Qtr. 2 – POSITIONAL LEADERSHIP In this course student will learn that the position of Leader is appointed by God.  Without living a life of honor and submission to God and the leaders He has appointed over us, it is impossible for us to walk in the fullness of our leadership calling, in life and in ministry.

Qtr. 3 – INFLUENTIAL LEADERSHIP position is given, but influence is earned. In this course students will learn the importance of character and walking in integrity. Our lives speak so much louder than our words. We were created to walk in dominion and authority.

Qtr. 4 – EXPONENTIAL LEADERSHIP This lesson will show you how to lead an organization while reproducing yourself. The truth is we can’t be everywhere at once and we can’t lead everything. This is one of the most powerful forms of leadership we can operate in. Students will learn real world skills like developing and leading leaders, how to multiply and grow your team/business/church etc., along with the art of delegation.

Qtr. 5 – PASTORAL LEADERSHIP This course was designed with the pastor and the servant in mind. Regardless of your “position”, we all have influence in someone’s life.  We need to harness influence to cause exponential growth for the kingdom of God. Students will learn the importance of shepherding those God has assigned to their lives.

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